Infertility affects about 1 in 5 couples
in the United States.

We can help.

Happiness, Too, Dances on the Head of a Pin
Featured in the New York Times

“You have to improve energy flow — this is Qi — and balance yin and yang of the body,” Dr. Lu, a slight, unflappable man in a white coat, said in his office last week. “Everything has yin and yang. Sun is yang and moon is yin; bright things are yang, dark is yin. Some organs belong to yang, some to yin.”

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Dear Dr. Lu,

Thank you for all of your help. Just a few hours after I saw you last, I went to the hospital and the baby was no longer breach. We are all doing well and our daughter, Zippi, is beginning to smile and make cooing sounds.

We will bring her for a visit sometime soon.

Best wishes,


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